Employee experience is just as important as customer experience

By Edweena Stratton, Vice President, Employee Success, Salesforce APAC

Edweena Stratton, Vice President, Employee Success, Salesforce APAC

HR has traditionally been a manual process, reliant on paper-based records and the long memories of its practitioners. Now, however, technology is becoming increasingly important in enabling HR to scale and deliver more value to employees.

From day one, Salesforce’s founders took a very intentional approach to culture, and it remains the top priority in the company today.

Over twenty years of building a global business, we have found that having a great culture is important, but is no longer enough. Employees now want a frictionless and connected experiences through apps and systems inside of work, just like the experiences they have on their consumer apps outside of work. Technology is a key component to delivering this.

Engaged Employees are at the Heart of Growth

At Salesforce, we don’t claim to have it all figured out, but what we’ve found is a formula which combines culture, technology, and data across every stage of the employee journey drives continuous engagement. And, by using cloud, social, mobile, smart and connected tools, we are able to encourage employee engagement as well as gather the right data to optimize user experience within multiple areas across the business and make smarter talent decisions.

This applies to every aspect of employee success. Building an authentic employer brand helps attract the right people, who are then onboarded into the culture that provides the right tools that match their personal experience, allowing employees from their first day forward to focus on delivering their very best work.

Salesforce’s Enterprise Technology Trends report shows that employee experience is getting significant attention from IT leaders, with 54% prioritizing IT. This is vital given that just 21% believe their current technology maximizes employee engagement. With technology playing an important role in learning more about employees and being able to tailor their experience at work to their strengths, ambitions, and personal life, this interest and investment is arguably overdue.

Technology key to professional development

Technology can do more than gather and analyze data. It can also enhance the capabilities of the HR team, automating time-consuming tasks and allowing them to scale and match the ambition of a growing company. This not only contributes to HR outcomes but helps upskill team members and builds an industry-leading function.

Technology also offers the opportunity for staff to access training anywhere, anytime. Salesforce’s Trailhead - our accessible learning platform - is used to skill up teams across functions and markets so that employees are trained on the latest technologies, and able to continue their development in existing and new areas throughout the company.

Employee success does not begin and end at the office door. Helping employees take care of themselves is key to their success. Using the Trailhead platform, we built modules around wellbeing, healthy eating, the value of sleep, mindful living, and the power of movement. Giving employees the tools they need to live healthy and balanced lives contributes to staff retention, productivity, and the ability to contribute to the company’s culture.

Looking to the future

The power of technology to improve employee success is only set to grow. As a business continues to grow, entering new markets and developing new products, the need to both bring people together and appreciate their differences will require ever-more advanced solutions.

This will likely include platforms to centralize information and make it easily accessible for all. Far beyond the intranet systems of a decade or more ago, these platforms will leverage big data and AI capabilities to organize and serve information to employees. As businesses become increasingly globalized, these platforms will combine with collaboration tools to link employees by interests, skills, and opportunities.

Human resources will always require the human touch. But for a growing company in an increasingly competitive market, leveraging the power of technology is vital in ensuring employee success. To deliver happiness, productivity, and career development, HR professionals must combine identifying the right solutions and embracing cutting edge capabilities like big data and AI with the skills and qualities which have always been integral to our industry.

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